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5 Filipino Food Foreigners Find Horrifying and Halloween Buffet Ideas

Do you want to celebrate Halloween with a 100% horror factor? There is nothing more gruesome than the real thing and the fact that Filipinos and some parts of Southeast Asia have considered these foods in the list as a delicacy.

The Philippines just have the perfect delicacy that will give your Halloween Party a real spookfest.

filipino food halloween ideas

If you live abroad or if you have foreign guests for Halloween, these Filipino delicacies are scream-worthy and party-stealers.

In the Filipino street scene, every day is Halloween.

#5 Deep Fried One-Day Old Chick

filipino food halloween ideas
Photo: Clarkisit
Eating a one-day-old chick is beyond my comfort zone. I couldn't imagine these chicks living out from the eggshell only to be cooked.

One-day old chick is not that common compared to the other 4 in the list. This one, I have not tried.

#4 Adidas / Chicken Feet

Adidas or chicken feet is a common street food in the Philippines. They are simply brushed with sweetened herb sauce and grilled.

These chicken feet do look like severed human hands with missing fingers, adding to its fear factor.

filipino food halloween ideas
Photo: Burnt Lumpia

#3 Isaw / Grilled Chicken Intestines

filipino food halloween ideas
Photo: JanisCooking

Intestines anyone? If you're a non-Filipino, eating intestines will probably freak you out. That's exactly the reason why you must have it in your Halloween buffet.

I love my isaw charred and well-done. I love the crunch!

#2 Balut / Duck Embryo

filipino food halloween ideas
Photo: BizarreFood

Balut is one of the most bizarre delicacy in the world. In fact, eating balut was one of the dares in Fear Factor, an American game show.

Balut vendors in the Philippines peddle at night. Yes, at night (turn the sound effects on.) The duck eggs that these vendors carry in a basket look inconspicuous but when you get one and crack the top of the egg, that's where the hair-raising part starts.

The balut egg exposes an 18-day old chick evident with its prematurely formed beak, eyes, feet and feathers. Sometimes, you can even see it's veins, organs and bones inside its semi-transparent flesh.

If you're squeamish, you could throw the whole thing up in the air and run for your life. As though this duck embryo could chase you.

But if you have the guts, man up (it's an aphrodisiac) and suck it up (literally).

#1 Dinuguan / Pork Blood Stew

filipino food halloween ideas
Photo: Forexworld
Dinuguan is a perfect Halloween concoction for a lot of reasons. You have all the gory details in one pot of stew!

Here are the gory innards in this blood stew:

Here are the gory deets in this blood stew:

  • pork blood
  • pork stomach
  • pork intestines
  • pork heart
  • any of the pork body parts and organs

If you're a vegetarian and an animal advocate, these Filipino street foods might offend you and might make you puke in horror.

If you will be preparing these Filipino foods this Halloween, make sure to check your guests. Gauge their personalities if these foods are something they will be able to take - even just a sight of it. Some might be offended and might think they've been horribly pranked.

But for Filipinos who were born and raised in the Philippines, this is a feast.

Would you be able to enjoy the party with these Filipino food and Halloween ideas? Or you're going to run stark raving mad to the nearest exit?

Let us know which among the 5 Filipino food that we featured you find most horrifying.

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