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Hi! This is Cherrey and welcome to my food blog.

I am passionately curious and I find my experiences with food fascinating. I always have this inclination to reverse engineer whatever food I tasted, smelled or touched.
Cooking is a little bit like a science experiment.

I am not a scientist but I am a complete geek, so I am not a bit surprised why food, its science, and the experience of it work for me.

Earliest years and recipes


I grew up as a free-spirited child.
Whatever comes to mind that I think I could do, I would do it in a heartbeat. I have the same attitude when it comes to cooking.
My parents gave me the space I needed to hone my creativity.

My earliest recipes were influenced by whatever we already had in the fridge. Bihon and pork humba are the earliest dishes I have worked on, which were our regular meals at home at one point in time. These dishes are not exactly my favorite dishes to cook as an adult. Part of the reason might be because it's too common.

Acquiring complex taste and ideas

My recipes have only gotten complex when I started earning my keeps and when I finally have the luxury to splurge on things I've always been curious about (or worst deprived of as a child - yes seriously). The glorious days of finally affording to dine out and eat whatever I want to eat.
The more I get adventurous with the food I eat, the more creative I could get with my recipes.

I am not a picky eater at all. I actually couldn't think of a food I wouldn't want to try or eat. Yes, there might be some food or dishes that I would not crave for. But if it's new to me, I will be more curious and try it. Due to this, my acquired tastes have grown more complex over time.

I love the versatility of pasta dishes; the earthy flavor of steak; and the straightforward taste of raw salmon sashimi. I braved the alleys in Singapore in search of the best frog stew or ate sauteed ant eggs when I was solo backpacking in Ilocos. Yet, I still love the simplicity of a vegetarian meal with only salt added to it.

The foodie culture has grown stronger today with the proliferation of food ideas through Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. It is good to know that Filipinos are now starting to be adventurous with food.

Why this blog happened

I initially created this blog to chronicle my recipes and my experiences with food. However, I realized that my recipes were usually created when I simply just need to use the ingredients that I currently have.
It is inherent in me not to waste resources. I find it unsettling to see a lot of things being put to waste.

Most would probably choose to get every ingredient available before deciding to create the food or dish.
But, sometimes, the best recipes are created by accident. That is pretty much how life happens for us too.

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